Neurosurgeon Neurosurgery
Orange Park FL
Jacksonville FL area
Mark A Spatola MD
It is our goal at Orange Park Neurosurgery P. L. to provide high quality and
compassionate neurosurgical care to the adult population of Clay County
and surrounding areas in North Florida.  We strive to provide evaluation
and surgery in a friendly and informative environment.  Our goal is for
patients to have the best possible outcome using the latest available
technologies and information.
Orange Park Neurosurgery, P.L.
What we do:

At Orange Park Neurosurgery we evaluate and treat  adult patients to see if they
are surgical candidates for common spine and brain problems.

Common problems that we evaluate include:
-lumbar herniated disc, minimally invasive surgery
-sciatica, back pain
-spinal stenosis, lumbar stenois
-cervical herniated disc, neck pain
-cervical spondylosis
-cervical radiculopathy
-lumbar spondylolisthesis
-mechanical instability of the spine
- chronic pain, failed back syndrome, spinal cord stimulator insertion
-tumors of the spine
-synovial cysts of the spine
-brain tumors
-pituitary tumors
-subdural hematomas
-peripheral nerve entrapment
-carpal tunnel syndrome
-ulnar nerve entrapment

We currently perform surgeries utilizing the following techniques:
-minimally invasive spine surgery
-cervical and lumbar fusions using carbon reinforced polymer implants
-stereotactic brain surgery using
-microscopic dissection using state of the art Zeiss microscope.

This is not a complete list of diagnoses or procedures. If you feel you have a
neurosurgical problem that we might be able to help, please have you physician
make a referral directly to us, with you MRI, CT or other reports, by fax to

Every effort will be made to evaluate all referrals quickly and see those
accepted patients as soon as possible. Please recognize that all referrals are
not accepted for evaluation, if they are not felt to be possible surgical
candidates. Nor do all patients require surgery, in fact most do not. More
information can be found at or

We hope that we will be able to help you with your neurosurgical problem, and
for a speedy and successful outcome.